Wallpapers [Free]

Feel free to dress up your blackberry with those Wallpapers

hope you like them 🙂

Will  always be updated! so stay tune 😉


12 Responses to Wallpapers [Free]

  1. kyla says:

    My wallpaper wont go to all those different wallpapers , i have the heartbeat PINK one , but the background is just the heartbeat one .. I can’t figure out how to get to the other wallpapers . Can you help me ? It would be gladly appreciated , thanks (:

  2. diego says:

    Muy bueno

  3. claudette says:

    Love it all a lot.Keeping me busy most of the day

  4. I like wall paper and I would like to see yours.

  5. salahudeen ibrahim says:

    No comment

  6. lungile says:

    I absolutely LOVE these themes…thumbs up from me

  7. paula charles says:

    Amazing the best themes an makers ever thank you for a amazing website

  8. joey says:

    I like it rate 10

  9. deeptibharti says:

    I reley like ds wallpaper HEARTBEET SEVAN

  10. deeptibharti says:

    I riely liek your theme

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