Blackberry Themes [premium]


12 Responses to Blackberry Themes [premium]

  1. thaiyang says:

    Good job for great themes..
    Walker themes have totaly details in every part, makes my bb fully dress-up when i used it!

  2. ringwalker says:

    I’m glad if my themes could fully dress well up your blackberry themes 🙂 thank you

  3. nakarito says:

    Little expensive..
    But i still wanna get more ure themes. Hmmmm

  4. Impheatus says:

    Could you make a tutorial for creating the two tone clock found in you Heartbeat theme?
    I would really love to make one of those for myself 🙂

  5. christa says:

    How do you see the today entries on the heartbeat 7 premium theme?

    • ringwalker says:

      Hi thank you for your question, just move the messages, calendar, text messages icons to 2nd – 7th places, when you have a new event / messages, it will automatically show the today entries. Thank you

  6. dian rose says:

    Saya mau downloud tema party rocks kok tidak bisa ya..bagaimana cara nya.

  7. italia-rosa leech says:

    This theme is awesome . Mad my fone look so much betta and it was fabtastic having a betta phone then me m8s so yeah congrads on a gr8 app and look out becuz I’m gettin more lmao xx

    Taah babez ps . Add me on bbm x

  8. Love your theams and will allways look for new ones thankyou xx vivien

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