Feel The new User Interface ( UI ) Xperience on your blackberry.

Features :
Wallpaperlover ( Almost fit with all kind of wallpapers )
Slide up / slide down clock
You can have 4 icons, 8 icons, 12 icon or No icon. you decide it
custom battery and signal
Smooth icons animation effect
Flashing stars twinkle effect
clean and fast ( No carrier and network on homescreen )
For Touch devices (9800,9500)
Support landscape mode.
All features on potrait mode work perfectly on landscape mode.
100 % trackpad supports ( 9800 )


About ringwalker
blackberry themes creator

2 Responses to XAPIRE DARK

  1. Trudi says:

    Would it be at all posiible to make another Xapire theme, BUT this time make the font Black…. E.g. Time, meters, everything that is white, make it black???
    Thanks for all the fantabulous themes!!

  2. Raymond says:

    I like it a lot but can you make it midnight blue miXed with a mirror so we can see are reflection?

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