Flying Witch – Halloween ( Animated Themes )

Get an adorable Halloween with this Flying Witch Halloween Blackberry® Themes.A witch will fly over your BlackBerry® Homescreen everytime you scroll over the icons, You will love your Halloween night with This Flying Witch Halloween Blackberry® Themes. BOoo

Custom Battery ( Moon )
Custom signal ( stars )
Custom notification ( pumpkin )
Custom Tombstone icon set

this animated Halloween Themes won’t drain your blackberry battery because the animation will play only when you scroll the icons.

Having fun in this Halloween 😉

# animation of Flying WITCH (Focus in on Homescreen icons )
# custom tombstone icon set
# sneak and peak icon effect
# 5 or 6 user define icon on Homescreen
# customize Battery and Signal
# custom fonts to match the theme
# wallpaperfriendly ( you can change the wallpaper )
-Please make sure that you select the right device and OS version (to check your OS go to Options- About).
-Please see the screenshot and check the features info 1st before purchasing because we don’t accept any personal modification or request.
-Subsequent claims can not be taken into account! Also check screenshots first and then select the theme you want! Screenshots can be found in BlackBerry® App World®.
-Remember to perform a battery pull after installing a new theme.
-You MUST have a data plan/internet access on your BlackBerry® in order to install themes.


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One Response to Flying Witch – Halloween ( Animated Themes )

  1. al**** says:

    hello ring walker, can I get this theme for free again?thx

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