Feel the difference! (CAROUSEL Navigation, 1st done ever on BlackBerry)
Neithe r Horizontal nor Vertical navigation but its CAROUSEL navigation (RING/ROTATION) 360 degree rotation icons on your BlackBerry homescreen.

Compatible for OS 5 and OS 6 devices only.
Would love to know how do you feel of the Carousel7 Themes as a review.

♦ 6 customizable icons
♦ Carousel / Ring / Rotation Navigation effect
♦ Wallpaper friendly
♦ Clean, simple & professional
♦ Fast and snappy
♦ Small file size
=================== ================
For Touch devices (9800,9500)
Support landscape mode.
All features on potrait mode work perfectly on landscape mode.
100 % trackpad supports ( 9800 )
– Please make sure that you select the right device and OS version (to check your OS go to Options- About).
-Please see the screenshot and check the features info 1st before purchasing because we don’t accept any personal modification or request.
-Subsequent claims can not be taken into account! Also check screenshots first and then select the theme you want! Screenshots can be found in mobi store.
-Remember to perform a battery pull after installing a new theme.
-You MUST have a data plan/internet access on your BlackBerry in order to install themes.


About ringwalker
blackberry themes creator

3 Responses to CAROUSEL7

  1. cjlieben123 says:

    Very good concept. 2 issues are noticeable:
    -When scrolling through the 360 rotation the words are not readable as it is on the icons itself.
    -The font on the home screen and the pop-up menu’s can be bigger

  2. dan says:

    This is a awesome theme, thanks for creating something simple yet stylish,

  3. SergioC says:

    Very nice theme, but it messes up all icons each time the BB reboots (BB9300 & OS6).

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