PB Inside (OS6 & OS5)

Maybe it had been awhile i didn’t create any blackberry themes since my last theme was “Blogberry” and now I come back and introduce my latest theme to you named “PB Inside

The first Blackberry tablet os “Playbook” now inside your blackberry. You can have your picture inside the Playbook with just a simply key, or you love to have your blackberry fullscreen view ( Wallpaper lover ), all are up to you, you decide it.
All OS6 devices are supported, and OS5 for 9700/9650/8900,9500 and 8500/9300
Get them here


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One Response to PB Inside (OS6 & OS5)

  1. Ingo says:

    Hi, yesterday I purchased Playbook inside for my BB Torch and I definitely love the design of colors, Icon divider etc.
    But The font is really difficult to read. Especially when you open a contact and e.g. have the pop-up window to choose between 2 phone numbers of contact. You can hardly read the numbers, which is a pity.
    Any chance, this can be changed ?



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