Galaxy Ring (Touch Screen Series)

Galaxy Ring blackberry theme is an unique theme, because of its navigation, most of theme out there, use vertical or horizontal navigation, but Galaxy Ring is different, 360 degree rotation icons and 6 user definable homescreen icons will rotate smoothly on your blackberry homescreen, adding a weatherslot and Hidden Today make your blackberry more functionable.

* 6 user definenable rotation navigation icons ( ring effect )
* Weather slot ( pres ESC/SPACE to Hide/Show icon *nontouch series)
* Hidden Today
* Wallpaper friendly
* Custom Battery Meter
* Custom icons, menu cursor, list cursor, and
* Custom Calling and Incoming call screen
* dark vision application screen
* Dual screen functionable ( work on perfectly either Potriat or landscape screen)


About ringwalker
blackberry themes creator

4 Responses to Galaxy Ring (Touch Screen Series)

  1. daniel78 says:

    My Torch is cool wif this now, no bugs found.. Keep good job walker!!

  2. Janez says:

    I love it, never had such cool theme before. thx Walker Themes

  3. leesyung says:


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